We invent and produce Software Technology which is partly shared as Open Source Software. This is our Licensing Site for the Open Source Software of our Software Technology Team, to learn more about our company visit our Hompage here...
All Software here is provided under our licensing terms of the "Commercial Unlimited License". For each license fee support via email and free updates is included for the lifetime of the software package. Each software package is shipped as Open Source Code for use in the software environment it is related to.
When already being a customer, and to access updates for your already purchased licenses, login to your Account and use My Downloadable Products to access your purchased Software Licenses in the most recent releases.
Support is available through Email. Customization of our extensions is available as an paid Extended Support Service, also particular software services for your Magento Store installation.


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Recently Added Software Licenses

  • Digital Magazine Subscription for DownloadPlus

    Digital Magazine Subscription for DownloadPlus

    The Magazine Add-On allows to add Issues of digital Magazines to Downloadable Products, and extends the Downloadable Product such to allow purchase of a Subscription to a number of Magazine Issues for the customer. Each Magazine Issue is added to the Downloadable Product without change to the Downloadable Link, and the Issues available to a customer are automatically determined based on the customers purchase.

    Excl. Tax: €149.00 Incl. Tax: €178.80
  • Downloadable Expiration Product Option for DownloadPlus

    Downloadable Expiration Product Option for DownloadPlus

    This Add-On is extending the Magento Core functionality of Product Custom Options and is adding a Custom Option allowing to select the expiration period for a Downloadable Product from the Product Page during the purchase.

    Excl. Tax: €129.00 Incl. Tax: €129.00
  • Repository for DownloadPlus

    Repository for DownloadPlus

    With the Repository Add-On for DownloadPlus you may set a Downloadable Product to be a “Repository” for customer having purchased the Downloadable Product.

    That means that once the customer has purchased the Downloadable Product he will always see the currently defined Downloadable Links in his account. If you remove or add a Downloadable Link to the product, this will propagate to the Customers Account automatically.

    Excl. Tax: €129.00 Incl. Tax: €154.80

Others are using

  • EuVat for Magento

    EuVat for Magento

    EuVat for Magento introduces Tax Calculation for EU based eCommerce transactions. This extension is allowing to assign each of your store customers automatically to one of three Customer Groups,  or assign a Tax Class to each Customer, identifying each customer as EU Business, EU Enduser or international customer.

    Excl. Tax: €199.00 Incl. Tax: €238.80
  • DownloadPlus for Magento

    DownloadPlus for Magento

    DownloadPlus for Magento is a powerful Extension for Downloadable Products and Samples for your Magento Store adding Terms of Use, Tracking, Top Downloads and more. Use DownloadPlus for Magento to greatly enhance the Core Downloadable functionality and to learn more about the download preferences of your Customers and Visitors.

    For mass import of serialnumbers from files, add the DownloadPlus Import Adapter.

    For delivery of downloads through Amazon S3, add the DownloadPlus Amazon Web Service Add-On.

    Or add additional Add-On's for specific functions.

    Excl. Tax: €299.00 Incl. Tax: €358.80
  • AgeCheck for Magento

    AgeCheck for Magento

    AgeCheck for Magento introduces an age verification process to your Magento Store. Add age limits to any of your products and use the AgeCheck functions to automatically control the purchase of such products.

    Excl. Tax: €129.00 Incl. Tax: €154.80