About PILLWAX Industrial Solutions Consulting

We are a consulting company for the international cooperation with industrial firms to work with its Plant Equipment, Automation and Information Technology.

Created from the worldwide experience with steel industry corporations in Asia, Europe and North-America our objective is to find much better ways to apply technologies, staff and management in industrial environments. Our work with organizations is solution oriented in the paradigm of systemic constructivist thinking, complementing the traditional project execution elements already known from industrial projects.

In our unique approach we use the most modern techniques and technologies to work with our clients in their niche, with their staff and experience and the organization - worldwide around the globe with respect to and knowledge of the individual culture. We enable Innovation within any industrial organization by bringing unbiased views and right questions to our clients.

Our unique customers are looking for new ways to achieve new things in a new world. Our clients realized that its business environment has changed and that they want to evolve into these changes. Along with their industrial infrastructure to bring it in new forms into their own corporate future.

We are very active in the sector of Information Technology, with more than 20 years of experience in that particular field.

As part of our own and customer projects, we are using Open Source Technology as well as creating Software Technology. Part of our developments we make available public under our "Commercial Unlimited License" model against a one time license fee.

This here is our eCommerce Store where to purchase these Software Licenses. For any questions, feel free to contact us via email.

PILLWAX Industrial Solutions Consulting
Software Technology Group

Glaserstrasse 6, 4040 Linz, AUSTRIA

Phone: +43 (780) 784 7840 180
Email: technology.license (at) pillwax.com
Web: technology.pillwax.com