This new Add-On to EU VAT for Magento allows to set the Customer Group or Customer Tax Class based on Billing Country, in addition to the automatic EU VAT classification of the EU VAT for Magento Extension.Read More

With availability of Magento 1.9.3 and the SUPEE-8788 Security Patch the Adobe Flash Player based Uploadeder used on the Downloadable Product Links and other Media Uploads is now replaced by a HTML5 Uploader.

This also affects our DownloadPlus for Magento Extension, as well as the related Add-Ons, so please update your store installation with the latest DownloadPlus for Magento release 0.3.83 which has the related changes implemented.

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EU VAT for Magento 2

8 years ago

EU VAT for Magento 2.1 is now released, find the related License to purchase in our License Store here.

The conversion of this extension to Magento 2 required intensive work, as the integration of all core extension functions had to be developed completely new as the new Magento 2 framework required many new and different approaches to safely and reliably integrate the tax related functions of EU VAT into the core tax functions of the Magento framework.

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We are currently working on upgrading our Extensions for their use on Magento 2.0

As our Extensions have matured over many years, and have large sets of functionality in it, this process of upgrading our Extensions to be compatible with Magento 2.0 will take some time to accomplish.

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With release of Magento and the SUPEE-6788 Patch our EuVAT for Magento extension for flexible handling of EU VAT regulations with the Magento store was affected by necessary changes to the Admin Backend functions.

The maintenance release 0.3.76 has the necessary changes included.

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Magento includes the SUPEE-6788 Patch which addresses a Admin-URL vulnerability which affects also our extensions.

We are currently in the process of updating our extensions code to adopt the required changes introduced by this Magento release and Security Patch.

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As of 1. January 2015 there will be changes in the VAT legislation for Telecommunication, Broadcasting and Electronic Services with the European Union (EU).

These new regulations are also know under the tag of MOSS, which is the title of the One-Stop-Shop for declaration of Business Transactions where a EU Countries VAT has been applied in accordance with the new legislation.

To prepare your Magento Store when using our "EuVAT for Magento" extension, we have prepared the related EU Tax Rates and related instructions for this.

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Ever wanted to add your Stores Terms & Conditions, or a purchased Products Manual to the transactional Emails of your Magento Store?

We released a new Add-On for SmtpPlus for Magento that allows you just that, to add files as Email Attachments to the Templates of your stores Emails and the Products.

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Selling electronic Books (eBooks) or PDF documents with DRM (Digital Rights Management) to control their distribution is now possible using your Magento Store.

We have released a new Add-On to our DownloadPlus Extension, called "EditionGuard for DownloadPlus" which uses the API offered by the EditionGuard service to securely deliver eBook and PDF documents.

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Did you ever wanted to receive a copy of specific Transactional Emails generated by your Magento Store? For example get a copy of the Shipment Notification email, or when there is a Serialnumber purchased with our DownloadPlus extension?

The default Magento store functionality does not allow to send a black carbon-copy of Transactional Emails to a BCC email address.

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