Selling eBooks or PDF with Digital Rights Management

11 years ago

Selling electronic Books (eBooks) or PDF documents with DRM (Digital Rights Management) to control their distribution is now possible using your Magento Store.

We have released a new Add-On to our DownloadPlus Extension, called "EditionGuard for DownloadPlus" which uses the API offered by the EditionGuard service to securely deliver eBook and PDF documents.

What you need is to use the EditionGuard content delivery service together with our DownloadPlus extension and our EditionGuard Add-On for DownloadPlus. We decided to make this Add-On, as the extension provided by EditionGuard itself for Magento does conflict with our DownloadPlus extension.

That Add-On integrates the EditionGuard service with our DownloadPlus extension and all of its offered functionality. If you define a time limit to have the purchased eBook expire, that information is also sent to the EditionGuard service and included in the fullfilment request.

The eBook or PDF is then delivered by the EditionGuard service seamlessly, any link to the purchased Download is always pointing to your Magento Store. Only when downloading the purchase from your Magento Store the clients browser will be redirected to a signed URL pointing to EditionGuard, for receiving the actual download itself.

This Add-On is not affiliated with EditionGuard, it is an extension to our DownloadPlus for Magento extension to implement the EditionGuard service with Magento's Downloadable Products.