Adding Files or Documents to the Store Transactional Emails

11 years ago

Ever wanted to add your Stores Terms & Conditions, or a purchased Products Manual to the transactional Emails of your Magento Store?

We released a new Add-On for SmtpPlus for Magento that allows you just that, to add files as Email Attachments to the Templates of your stores Emails and the Products.

Our new Add-On "Email Attachments for SmtpPlus" is adding File Attachments to the Email Templates and your stores Products:

To add File Attachments to a specific Transactional Email, upload it to the Email Template and give it an optional title.

To add File Attachments to a Product, upload it to the Product and give it an optional title. Whenever the Product is purchased the related attachments get added to the "New Order" transactional Email.

As recipient mailboxes may have different regulations in terms of maximum message size and total inbox size, emails with a large amount of attachments may get rejected by the recipients Email Server. To prevent and to control that the Add-On allows to set a maximum filesize limit for the Email Attachments.

The collected attachments of one Email Message are then reduced in their number down to the configured filesize limit, and additional ZIP-compression of the attachments allows further message size reduction.

To read about all aspects of the "Email Attachments for SmtpPlus" Add-On you may also visit our online documentation of the Add-On here...