Intermittent communication failure with EU VIES service

14 years ago

We ourselves and customers using the EuVAT for Magento extension are currently exprienced failures in communication with the EU VIES service. That is caused by a disruption on the EU VIES web-service which is out of our area of influence.


In case the extension is reporting in the stores notifications:

The following Message was received: "The service cannot be found for the endpoint reference (EPR)"

This indicates that there is issue on the EU VIES service, and that our extension is fully functional. However a validation of VAT numbers is currently not possible for the extension.

We have reported this to the EU VIES team and received message back that there was a period of time where system changes have been performed and intermittent connection issues may have occured.

Please make sure to use the most recent release of EuVAT, available in your customer account with our store, where we have updated the related Web Service address.

If your store still is showing connection issues, please ensure that your server allows outgoing requests and that any firewall is allowing such requests also to the related EU VIES webservice URL.