EU VAT for Magento 2

8 years ago

EU VAT for Magento 2.1 is now released, find the related License to purchase in our License Store here.

The conversion of this extension to Magento 2 required intensive work, as the integration of all core extension functions had to be developed completely new as the new Magento 2 framework required many new and different approaches to safely and reliably integrate the tax related functions of EU VAT into the core tax functions of the Magento framework.

First thing you may notice the price change on the Commercial Unlimited License for EU VAT. Since the initial release of EU VAT for Magento 1.3 in 2009 we did not change our License Fee on it. Please understand that our Commercial Unlimited License allows you a generous use of our extensions, whereas other offers limit you to 1 Year updates or single Domain usage of their extensions.

We support the Open-Source idea, and for the continued development and maintenance of our extensions we need to rely on the License Fees for coverage of our cost on work and infrastructure to provide you with this Magento extension.

With the initial release of version 2.0.2 the following functions of EU VAT for Magento are still in work and will be available with the upcoming next release:

EU VAT Reports:

At time of this post we are moving the EU VAT Report to Magento 2, and the report for Magento 2 will also include a view suitable for MOSS transactions. Please bear with us, as also the reporting framework of Magento 2 received many changes we need to adapt our reports to.

Release 2.0.3 includes the EU VAT Report by Orders, work on the EU VAT Report for MOSS is in progress.

Customized Tax and Price Calculations:

For special store configuration EU VAT for Magento provides configuration options which modify the Price and Tax calculation rules of the store. The following configuration options are not available in release 2.0.2 and are implemented in release 2.0.3:

  • Apply customized Tax Rule
  • Apply customized Price Rule
  • Correct Tax for Total Discount
  • Product Tax Class to use to correct Tax for Discount

Online Documentation:

The Online Documentation of EU VAT for Magento is currently in process to being updated with specifics for Magento 2. In general all functions remained the same, with some visual additions.


We recommend to now use the Address VAT ID input field for the EU VAT Identification Number, and we discourage using the Customer Taxvat field with Magento 2. Altough both input fields are supported by our extension, the new Magento Checkout only uses the Address VAT ID field for which we also implemented the VAT ID validation feature of the extension.

The default Address VAT ID input field also receives a complete overhaul with our extension in the Administrator Backend, fully implementing all EU VAT extension functions there.

Also we recommend to use Customer Tax Classes for the EU VAT configuration, with optional Customer Group if it is important for your store to also have your customers in the respective Customer Group.


Upload the content of the release file to your Magento 2 store and enable the module:

magento module:enable Pisc_Euvat


After that upgrade your Magento 2 installation to have the database tables and store configuration of the EU VAT for Magento module installed:

magento setup:upgrade


In case of any questions or feedback to this release please email us at technology(dot)support(at)pillwax(dot)com