EuVAT for Magento 1.6 branch

14 years ago

With the release of the new Magento 1.6 branch we are now gradually opening new version branches of our Magento extensions and making the adaptations required by the changes in the new Magento branch.

EuVAT for Magento is now available as version branch maintained for Magento 1.6.

There are some considerable changes in the Magento core code in branch 1.6 which may not allow to use the EuVAT extension release dedicated for Magento 1.4 or 1.5 on this new Magento branch.

We recommend to get the new license for EuVAT on Magento 1.6 here.

As we are still continuing to maintain EuVAT for the older Magento branches to allow our customers with stores running on these other branches the have the same stability and feature-set, we are not able to provide any discount for upgrades.

Thanks for understanding.

In case you are encountering any effects with the new release of EuVAT for Magento 1.6 please provide us your feedback via email to


Or by logging in into your account with us and using our Support Page here...