EuVAT and Magento CE 1.7 (EE 1.12)

13 years ago

Magento Community 1.7 and Magento Enterprise 1.12 feature the handling of EU VAT IDs and assigning Customer Accounts to customer groups based on the validation result for the VAT ID.

These new Magento Core functions seems duplicate with the functions of our EuVAT Extension, at first sight. We evaluated these new functions added to Magento 1.7 and here is our comparison that will show you what extra functions our EuVAT for Magento extension is still having over the Magento Core implementation of EU VAT IDs

Magento CE 1.7 (EE 1.12)
EuVAT for Magento
Validate VAT ID through EU VIES
Cache validation results to lower number of requests to EU VIES
Detect service outages at EU VIES and allow local validation of EU VAT ID
Assign Customer Account to Customer Group for customer from Stores country
Only with valid VAT ID
Assign Customer Account to Customer Group for EU Business
Assign Customer Account to Customer Group for EU Consumer
Assign Customer Account to Customer Group for outside EU
Use Customer Tax Classes instead of Customer Groups (allows customer groups to be used for other purposes)
Allow VAT ID to be validated before continuing account creation or checkout
Allow VAT ID to be validated from the Customer Account view in the Administrator Backend
Only when creating a new Backend Order
VAT Report for sales on the different Customer Groups (required in some EU Countries)
Exclude Customer Account from further VAT ID validations
Log errors being received from EU VIES service during validations into Administrator Notifications
Allow additional tax rules for specific EU Countries
Allow interaction with VAT ID validation process through Event
Show elaborate information to customers about their VAT status during account creation and checkout.
Limit account creation to validated EU Businesses for EU B2B transactions only.