EuVAT for Magento and EU VIES Service outages

12 years ago

EuVAT for Magento allows validation of EU VAT Numbers by using the EU VIES online database. That service, offered by the European Union, may experience technical difficulties, intermittend or longer outages. Such does influence the EuVAT functions and has nothing to do with the extension itself.

Our Online Documentation for EuVAT does explain how the extension is dealing with such service outages on the EU VIES database access. In such cases you may need to manually validate the VAT numbers of new or existing customers using the EU VIES Web Interface, or contacting the tax authorities of your country.

As our extension is using the EU VIES Web Service, validation VAT Numbers from the EU VIES Web Interface may still work whereas our extension will not be able to do so, as the outage is on the offered Web Service side.

The EuVAT Extension for Magento does not free you or your eCommerce Operations from the duty of following the tax regulations of your country in relation to EU VAT numbers and their first level or second level validation. Therefore the Service Disclaimer of the EU VIES Service does also apply to our EuVAT Extension.

As to any recent outages on the EU VIES Web Service, please update your EuVAT installation to release 0.3.21 as we have released that update to introduce more flexibility in making choices for how the extension will deal with such disruptions in your Store. See also the related Release Notes here for more on this update...