EU VAT Regulation on Telecommunication, Broadcasting and Electronic Services as of 1.January 2015 (MOSS)

10 years ago

As of 1. January 2015 there will be changes in the VAT legislation for Telecommunication, Broadcasting and Electronic Services with the European Union (EU).

These new regulations are also know under the tag of MOSS, which is the title of the One-Stop-Shop for declaration of Business Transactions where a EU Countries VAT has been applied in accordance with the new legislation.

To prepare your Magento Store when using our "EuVAT for Magento" extension, we have prepared the related EU Tax Rates and related instructions for this.

First ensure that you have installed the latest EuVAT release, available in your Customer Account with our License Store here.

Educate yourself about the new VAT legislation Telecommunication, Broadcasting and Electronic Services on the official EU page here.

Understand that we are not responsible for anything related to this new legislation, also not when using our EuVAT for Magento extension.

Continue to read on in our Online Documentation here on how to prepare your EuVAT for Magento setup for this new regulations.

We are currently preparing a special report Add-On for EuVAT for Magento collecting the VAT transaction tax amounts for the individual EU Countries as help for reporting VAT through th EU One-Stop-Shop of your EU Country.