EuVAT for Magento or with SUPEE-6788 Patch

9 years ago

With release of Magento and the SUPEE-6788 Patch our EuVAT for Magento extension for flexible handling of EU VAT regulations with the Magento store was affected by necessary changes to the Admin Backend functions.

The maintenance release 0.3.76 has the necessary changes included.

Please update your EuVAT for Magento installation with this release to have all Admin Backend functions working with the recommended configuration option found in Admin > Security called "Admin routing compatibility mode for extensions" to "Disabled".

Also this update is adding a EuVAT configuration option called "Default Source Country" allowing to set the source country to a different country as the reference country for identifying the tax transaction as EU Business and EU Consumer transaction when a local store frontend is used but goods are shipped from a different country.