Our Extensions and Magento 2.0

9 years ago

We are currently working on upgrading our Extensions for their use on Magento 2.0

As our Extensions have matured over many years, and have large sets of functionality in it, this process of upgrading our Extensions to be compatible with Magento 2.0 will take some time to accomplish.

Because of the large changes in the code structure introduced with Magento 2.0 this required to largely rework our extensions, which have a long history back to Magento 1.3.

This will result in some amount of waiting time until we have released our Magento Extensions for Magento 2.0, the currently estimated timeline for availability of our Extensions for Magento 2.0 is:

EuVAT for Magento: March/April 2016.

Downloadplus for Magento and related Add-Ons: June/July 2016.

All other of our Extensions: September 2016.

If you plan to upgrade your Magento Store to Magento 2.0 and to use our Extensions on it, please check with us before planning your Store Upgrade about the actual availability of the Extensions prepared for Magento 2.0.