How to sell Digital Media through Amazon CloudFront with Magento

11 years ago

Selling or distribution of large files, especially Digital Media, from its own server may quickly require large server capacities for a Magento Store installation.

Using our DownloadPlus extension, with the Amazon Web Services Add-On, allows to easily farm out the digital file distribution to the Amazon Cloud while still having control over the access and the distribution of such files.

Large Downloads or Digital Media files require server capacity to be part of a Magento Store. Upload through the store administrator may not be possible anymore due to the file size at hand, as well as each download is adding traffinc to the store which may slow-down the stores response characteristic for other visitors as well.

The Amazon Web Services have 2 services that allow handling of large downloads:

With Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) large downloads may get delivered using the Amazon Cloud, instead of own server resources. The API allows to generate signed URLs to objects stored in a S3 Bucket to control access to the stored files. File stored in a S3 Bucket are mirrored to a number of locations to reduce network latency through serving download requests from a geographic "near" location.

With Amazon CloudFront large digital media files may get distributed easily through multiple so called "Edge" locations, points of access that are geographically located at multiple locations. Each request to download or stream a file will then be served by the geographical nearest edge location, reducing network latency for the user.

Integrating these Amazon Web Services into a Magento Store is easily done through DownloadPlus extension family for Magento:

DownloadPlus for Magento is the base extension adding a lot of functionality to Downloadable Products, as well as adding Product Downloads to any other type of product and adding Downloads to a Customer Account. Handling Serialnumbers, Versioning and Tracking of downloads are another features of this extension.

Amazon Web Services for DownloadPlus is the Add-On for adding support of delivery of downloads from Amazon S3 Buckets or Amazon CloudFront Distributions. Also adding Digital Media to Product Descriptions, Blocks and other Page Content is possible using this Add-On.

Both create a full package for adding Amazon S3 Bucket content to Downloadable Products, delivering them through the Amazon S3 service with signed URLs. For selling Digital Media the distribution of the related files using the Amazon CloudFront service is best suited, creating a CloudFront Distribution is done automatically by the extension based on some basic settings in the Store Configuration. Various configuration options allow public or private signed URLs to be used to control access to the digital content stored on the Amazon S3 service and its CloudFront distribution.

With all of our extension, we have a full online documentation available to have a first view on the extension as well as a guide to configuration, using and implementation of our extensions.

For any questions still open, use the product page to send us those questions.