How to send a copy of a selected Transactional Emails to another Email Address

11 years ago

Did you ever wanted to receive a copy of specific Transactional Emails generated by your Magento Store? For example get a copy of the Shipment Notification email, or when there is a Serialnumber purchased with our DownloadPlus extension?

The default Magento store functionality does not allow to send a black carbon-copy of Transactional Emails to a BCC email address.

Our Magento Extension "SmtpPlus for Magento" is adding this feature now. It allows to define Keyword Text with a default Email Address where a copy of the Transactional Email is sent to if the Keyword Text is found in the messages subject line or the body text.

You may also send the copy to a specific email address, other than the default, if you add that specific email address to the Keyword Text. So for example that a Shipment Notification is copied to another Email Address whereas all other Keyword related copies go to the default email address defined for all Keywords.

This approach allows to filter out all Transactional Emails, including ones that are generated by other 3rd Party Extensions. You may even add your own specific Keywords to the templates of the Transactional Emails to better identify certain messages.

Stay updated of your Magento Stores activity by using this Keyword Feature of SmtpPlus for Magento.

Also visit the online documentation to see all related details on this feature here...