Update EuVAT for Magento to lastest Release

15 years ago

Our extension "EuVAT for Magento" is using the EU VIES Web Service for validating EU VAT Numbers. That Web Service, offered by the European Union, recently underwent some changes in the way of accessing and data exchange. These changes are relevant to the operation of EuVAT for Magento.

Our extension has included the relevant modifications with release 0.3.21 and 0.3.22 or above. Please update your installation of EuVAT to this release. More on these Updates is available here...

Using the most recent release also allows to set how the extension shall deal with intermittend or longer service outages on the EU VIES Web Service, which are a fact and also regularly scheduled for some EU Country databases. See also our Online Documentation for details on the alternatives of operation available in our extension for dealing with such EU VIES service outages.