Our Support Services

Your purchase here is a License to use our Open-Source Software under our Terms and Conditions of purchases. Each purchase includes a download of the related Software in full Open-Source, allowing to customize and modify the Software within the Terms of our Commercial Unlimited License.

We have very complete Online Documentation for all of our Software Licenses, which is continuously maintained. Therefore we only include free Basic Support Services in the License Purchases.

As Support requirements may vary greatly in between the Users, we also offer Extended Support Services against additional charge.


Updates included in the License Purchase of any of our Products

Updates are included in the License Purchase of the Software for same version branch of the software it is designed for. For example updates are included for the releases designed for use on Magento 1.3.

To receive a version being maintained for a different version branch (for example for Magento 1.4) please purchase a new license for the respective version branch where the related support and updates are part of the license purchase.


Basic Support Services included in the License Purchase of any of our Products

When purchasing licenses of any of the products available here in this Store we include the following Support Services:

  • Us responding to any of your questions related to the purchased product.
  • Us responding to any of your questions on the installation, configuration or use to one of the related purchased product.

All Support services are only performed via Email, our response time is varying between 1 to 3 business days. The Email Address where to send your questions is to be found in the Confirmation Emails on your Order.

Alternatively you may use the link to be found on your Account page to send your questions directly from your account page.

I have a general Question about one of your Products...


Extended Support Services and subject to additional charges

Any additional Support Service, that was not already listed above, are subject to additional charges such as:

  • Initial Installation of any extension on your own site.
  • Analysis of the installation of any extension on your own site.
  • Staging your site on our own Development Systems to find the cause of a phenomenon.
  • Customization of our extensions or any other customization to your installation.

To inquire for the associated charges for any of these Support Services, please direct your related Email Message to the Email Address found in the Confirmation Emails on your order.

All of our extended support service is on prepaid basis only, we will send you an estimate of the required service amount which has to be purchased prior to us starting the work.

In case you want to make this inquiry before your purchase, send us your inquiry for Extended Support Services from here.